The first gamified tourist farm

We are aware that different games and plenty of activities reinforce our family ties, enrich our relationships in every step of our lives.
Therefore we implemented different games for children and parents, for adventurers and explorers, for strategists and athletes,
basically for anybody who wants to play.

The tourist farm which is located right on the edge of a primeval forest of Kočevje


The colourfulness and warmth of over 100 year-old cottage will embrace you as you enter.

  • A comfortable 4 bedded room
    BED & BREAKFAST for € 36.00
    for an overnight stay or longer
    A spacious loft with a gaming corner for children.
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    The family room
  • A smell of Provence
    BED & BREAKFAST for € 36.00
    for an overnight stay or longer
    Suitable for two families or for a group of people who like to sit by the fireplace and can also find themselves a lovely book on the shelves above.
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  • A house with a soul
    BED & BREAKFAST for € 36.00
    for an overnight stay or longer
    A tiny, almost invisible on the outside, but once you enter- it gently warms you up. This summer house is suitable for 14 guests.
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    A summer house

Guest's impressions

Traditional products in a modern way

Lukčeva domačija tourist farm is a unique farm where tradition of Kočevje region meets orchards.
We process our homegrown fruit into a healthy and high- quality products. During the process, we use modern procedures and approaches.

  • When you know what you are putting in your mouth
    Bring your homegrown apples and we will make your own healthy beverage.
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    Cold-juice pressing
  • In love with a game and in love with each other
    Andreja and Bine Likar – the hosts.
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    How it all began