How did all begin ...

Lukčeva domačija tourist farm in Kostel region, is a farm with a tradition of peddling. We highly respect this tradition and in spite of keeping it alive, we thrive for new challenges and opportunities.

We are aware that different games and plenty of activities reinforce our family ties, enrich our relationships in every step of our lives. Therefore we implemented different games for children and parents, for adventurers and explorers, for strategists and athletes, basically for anybody who wants to play.

On our tourist farm, we produce fruit in orchard meadows. We have many different fruit trees - apple trees, pear trees, plum trees and even walnut trees and hazelnut shrubs. We produce a cold-pressed juice out of home-grown apples, we dry fruits, we bake desserts and we make delicious marmalades.

As a local tourist guides, we introduce the interesting characteristics of Kostel region and of wider parts of Kočevje region. The river Kolpa, nearby lakes and wide forests, the castle Kostel and other famous attractions enrich your stay with us.

We have some hobbies, which were upgraded and are now part of our offer at Lukčeva domačija tourist farm.


"My hobby is highly connected to my work and it's called creativity. I keep playing around with new shapes, colours, materials, combinations, flavours, ... that's why I make new dishes, I bake funny shaped pastry, I make jewelry, I also sew and knit. I make crochets and embroideries. I also have sewing and other creative courses, I write books for children and I make puppets.

But the best of all is when my daughters come for a visit with their families."


"I am impressed by archery, so I constantly educate myself. I'm a licensed teacher of archery - level 2. I am also a judge and a head of the archery shooting in competitions.

I successfully pass my knowledge and over 10 years' experience onto members of the Archery Club OREL (eagle) from Kočevje.

Archery is a wonderful sport that offers many plasures, a contact with the nature and with yourself."

Luka the Peddler

Peddling played a very important role for people in wider region of Kočevje area from the 15th century onwards. Our ancestors were travelling through Austrian empire, selling their local and wooden products. They usually returned home in autumn when there was plenty of work in fields. They came back with some money, new tools, maybe even with some treats for family members.

Luka the Peddler lost all his earnings on gambling. When he ran out of money and was head over heels with debt, he pawned his fields and forests. Before the final collapse, his son Jože saved the farm. He was a very successful peddler and just in a few years time, he managed to fix the damage his father did. The most interesting thing however is, that the farm got it's name after Luka, who almost lost everything.