Delicacies of our traditional cuisine

At Lukčeva domačija tourist farm we prepare delicious lunches and dinners. For breakfast we serve wholemeal bread and pastry, various fruit spreads with interesting supplements. We cook in a classical way, without any frying pans. We have updates our old local recipes and traditional dishes with a dash of daring at the end.

Banquet celebration

Visit Lukčeva domačija tourist farm with your family and friends. Bring co-workers or colleagues from your office. We will make sure you get a pleasant stay and a delicious banquet.

There is a »Green Room«, which is suitable for 25 guests. The food and drinks will be arranged according to your wishes.

You can celebrate at our picnic area, which is a good starting point for taking a walk around. You can also go on a short trip to the castle Kostel or to the valley of the river Kolpa.

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Picnic area

We offer you our picnic area suitable for 60 people.
You can arrange everything by yourselves, or let us prepare it for you.

Price list for a picnic area rental
Up to 35 people: €4 per person (at min €60 per day).
More than 35 people: €130 per day.

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picnic menu price per person
stew "kostelski čušpajs", bread and a dessert €6,50

grilled meat, grilled side dish, tomato salad, bread

stew, grilled meat, grilled side dish, salad, bread €14,00
dessert €1,50
aperitif €1,00

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