Cold-pressed juice from your home-grown apples

We clean your apples thoroughly, we grind and press them and then put them through a mechanical filtration. We pasteurise the juice and make everything ready to be bottled. The most appropriate containers are glass bottles or »a bag in a box«.

A portable cold-press juicer

We can also fill the juice into your glass bottles which have to be cleaned thoroughly. You have to clean the lids too, otherwise the juice won't last that long. If everthing is cleaned properly, your juice should stay fresh for at least one year. We can provide you with »a bag in a box« containers.

We crush the apples in the continuous belt press. We guarantee you a home-made juice if there is at least 100 kilograms of apples.

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Cenik storitev stiskanja soka

storitev cena 
pranje, stiskanje, pasterizacija in polnjenje 0,40 €/liter
nepasteriziran sok (kis, ...) 0,25 €/liter
bag (vrečka) 3 l in 5 l 0,75 €/kos
box (karton) 3 l in 5 l 0,75 €/kos