Games for all ages

Board and tabletop games

Games for all ages and every weather. Games for two or for the whole family. You can throw some cards or dice. You can be a conqueror, a treasure hunter or a trader. Dive into a fairytale world with your children and save all the kidnapped heroes. You can always do some jigsaw puzzles with different motives and different difficulty levels.

The backyard games

The backyard is an amazing playground. You can play ground games (games which are mainly played on the ground, e.g. hopscotch), you can play with props (set of boules, an old shephard's games, jumping over an elastic string "gumitvist", similar to double Dutch), games of skills (stilts, jumping ropes, ...) and a play garden for the children (a sandbox, a kitchen playset, a creative corner, a drawing board, a water playset and many different ground equipments).


The "Borrow and Return" games

This basically means that you simply borrow another game, once you return the previous one.
Some of the games are for free, others you pay for with chips ( 5 chips in a pouch).

You can play 5 games with 5 chips.
The price for one pouch is 10 EUR.

If you are staying for only one day, you can buy as many pouches as you please.
If you are staying at Lukčeva domačija tourist farm, you have a free access to some board and backyard games.